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Mission Statement

The Dogwood Nothin’ Dragon Masters strives for individual and team excellence by participating in an enjoyable, competitive sport and supporting each team member in becoming fit, skilled and dedicated to leading an active and healthy lifestyle.

The Club shall carry out its Mission Statement without purpose of financial gain for its members. It shall use any profits, or other Club assets, solely for the purpose of achieving and promoting its Mission Statement. The Club shall carry out its functions and purpose on a charitable basis.

Executive 2017-2018


Vice President



Fund Raising

Fund Raising

Race Registrar


Associate Captain


Past President


President: Brian Kenny
Vice President: Denise Nelson 
Treasurer: Willie Savage 
Secretary: Mary Briggs 
Fund Raising: Trish Wintle/Brent Murphy  
Race Registrar: Leslie Rodgers
Captain: Dan Strain
Associate Captain: Randy Wilson
Coach: Pam Cornell
Past President: Ron MacPherson

Committee Chairs

Dragon Boat Management: Linda C
Equipment: Tents Ed Foss
Boat Maintenance: Jim Munneke
Equipment: Jim Munneke
Membership: Cheryl Plume
Safety: Pat Johnson
Social: Darlene Galer (party)
Coffee: Trish and John Wintle
Photo & Video: Robin Whachell
Archives: open
Uniforms: Laney Bryenton
Facebook: Robin Whachell
Webpage: Peter Newell
Recycling: Julie Asselstine
Old Mill Boat House Liaison: Ric Tesan
Boat Booking Agent: Carol Argue
Sunshine: Elizabeth Scales